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Popular Styles of Interior Design

different interior design styles

Are you tired of your home’s outdated decor or cluttered living space? Or perhaps you dream of a more inviting, comfortable, and functional business place?

Fortunately, Zoro Interior has you covered with our expertise in popular interior design styles!

However, you might not be sure what your dream property looks like.

Let’s look at some popular interior design styles you can get inspiration from!

Popular Interior Design Styles for Your Next Renovation Project

1. Scandinavian Design Style

The Scandinavian approach is one of the many popular interior design styles

Scandinavian design is a functional and minimalist interior design style rooted in the Nordic nations of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

Key aspects

This aesthetic is distinguished by its clean lines, utility, and simplicity, emphasising soft, neutral colours, organic materials, and comfortable textures.

White walls, light wood floors, and organic materials like wool, leather, and linen are frequent features of Scandinavian interior design.

Suitable for

scandinavian interior design style

As the Scandinavian interior design style emphasises comfort, simplicity, and utility, it’s best for those who like minimalist styles while maintaining comfort and personality.

It works best for homes with an open floor plan so the simple shapes and restrained colour schemes can stand out, producing a peaceful atmosphere where you can relax after a long day.

2. Modern Design Style

contemporary interior design style

Boyutei in contemporary interior design style by Zoro Interior

The key to achieving modern interior design styles is by formulating a minimalist yet stylish space, complete with a few statement pieces that add a sense of personality and chicness.

Key aspects

The modern or contemporary style is a sleek, sophisticated design that uses geometric shapes and straight lines.

Regarding colours, think neutral or monochromatic hues with bold accents contrasting them.

The contemporary design style often calls for metal, wood and glass furniture that focuses on sleek designs.

The modern or contemporary interior design style is a great choice for those looking a clean look

Palm Loft with a modern interior design by Zoro Interior

Suitable for

Anyone looking to modernise the appearance and atmosphere of their home can benefit from modern interior design. From the living room and kitchen to the bedroom and bathroom, the contemporary style is appropriate for any space in the house.

It is also the preferred style for retail stores and F&B outlets – not just because it’s trendy!

The modern interior design style creates a professional yet beautiful and inviting environment for customers and can be utilised to draw attention to particular items or sections of the shop.

This inspires customers to browse and discover the store’s merchandise or to stay longer at your establishment.

3. Art Deco Interior Design Style

art deco interior design

Interior design in the Art Deco style rose to popularity in the 1920s and 1930s with influences from Egyptian, Aztec, and Oriental interior design styles.

You’ll probably recognise this interior design style from the Great Gatsby!

Key aspects

Some of its distinguishing features are symmetrical shapes, bold patterns, bright, vivid colours, and contemporary materials like chrome, glass, and lacquer.

It is often accentuated with

  • opulent finishes from exotic materials like ivory, mother-of-pearl, and rare woods

  • extravagant lighting fixtures and accessories in metallic accents

art deco interior design

Shareinvestor in Art Deco interior design style by Zoro Interior

Suitable for

If you want to give your home an opulent, glamorous feel, then Art Deco is perfect for you!

It’s a unique interior design style that suits both classic home architecture and modern apartment and condo units.

Due to its robust and attention-grabbing nature, it is also a popular option for commercial venues that want to exude luxury, like restaurants and retail stores.

4. Transitional Interior Design Style

combine contemporary style and traditional style interior design

Transitional interior design has been one of the most popular styles for many years.

They combine modern and traditional style interior design in an original aesthetic that appears to be ageless.

Similar to how black and white complement and contrast so well together, transitional interior design creates a dynamic tension in a space.

Key aspects

Modern and traditional interior design styles are combined in transitional interior design, giving the classics an updated look with a cohesive, modern vibe.

It strikes a balance between luxury and cosiness, between masculine and feminine, and between old and new. The outcome is uncomplicated sophistication.

traditional interior design style with modern twist

The transitional interior design places a greater emphasis on comfort and softness than it does on function. The following are the essential elements of a transitional style:

  • comfortable, useful furniture

  • neutral colours, such as cream and grey

  • minimal accessories, though pops of colour are acceptable

  • plush, high-performance upholstery

  • natural fabrics and materials

Suitable for

This practical style, which uses bigger-scale furnishings featuring soft, effective fabrics and a neutral colour palette, is ideal for growing families.

5. Bohemian Design Style

boho interior design style combines natural elements and eclectic style

If you celebrate creativity, self-expression, and free-spiritedness, then the Bohemian style is an interior design choice.

Key aspects

The main goal of bohemian design is to create a calm, welcoming, and pleasant atmosphere.

Some essential characteristics are layered rugs and pillows, natural materials like wood and rattan, and design elements from other cultures, styles, and historical periods.

The colour scheme also features warm, earthy tones and bright, vivid hues.

Suitable for

It is ideal for people who want to express their personalities and creative abilities.

It is also fantastic for those who enjoy layering patterns and textures in a room and aren’t scared to mix and match colours and textures.

This makes the laid-back, casual, eclectic aesthetic with a dash of international flair perfect for almost any space – homes, cafes, coworking spaces… The possibilities are endless!

6. Mid-Century Modern Design Style

Mid-century modern interior design is popular due to its timeless appearance and cosy feeling.

Key aspects

Mid-century modern interior style elevates simplicity via a unique fusion of organic and geometric characteristics in the furniture and décor:

  • common materials in mid-century modern interior design include leather, teak, chrome, and plastic

  • neutral hues like grey, beige, and white

  • clean lines and tapered legs for décor and furniture

  • vintage accents like lighting and artwork

mid century modern interior design styles

Suitable for

The emphasis on comfort, functionality, and simplicity is perfect for coming home to.

Mid-century modern interior design is also simple to update and maintain, making it a popular choice for many homeowners who lead busy lives.

7. Shabby Chic Style

shabby chic design incorporates natural elements and cosy decor

Shabby Chic is a style that originated in England in the 1980s and has since gained popularity worldwide.

This interior design style emphasises creating a cosy and welcoming house while embracing the lived-in appearance and celebrating imperfections.

Key aspects

This style is characterised by a vintage and romantic feel, emphasising comfort and texture, focusing on soft pastel colours, floral patterns, and vintage accents.

Shabby Chic furniture is usually distressed, painted, and has weathered finishes. Décor can look like old table lamps, vases, quilts and throw pillows.

The aim is to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere that feels lived-in and well-loved.

shabby chic interior design style

Suitable for

Shaggy Chic interior design is appropriate for people who value cosiness, texture, and a dash of fun and individuality in their furnishings.

It is an eclectic style that works well in many different settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, and themed stores like cafes, restaurants, or bookstores.

8. Eclectic Interior Design Style

eclectic design

The Eclectic style is a colourful mash-up of diverse textures, eras, and design movements.

This design aesthetic celebrates the notion that there are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to interior design and promotes creativity and experimentation!

Key aspects

Eclectic designs frequently combine vintage and contemporary furniture, striking patterns and hues, and unanticipated accents that provide a whimsical touch.

The secret is to produce a unified aesthetic that captures the personality and interests of the homeowner or brand identity.

bold patterns organic shapes

Eclectic style for Elephant Parade by Zoro Interior

Suitable for

The Eclectic interior design style is an excellent choice to combine various designs, hues, and textures to make a distinct and personalised space.

Eclectic interior design styles are also perfect for retail stores, allowing business owners to develop a unique and captivating environment that entices customers.

It is frequently used by shops that specialise in selling vintage, antiques, and handcrafted objects to present their merchandise in a unique and intriguing way.

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