looking up and down online or friends for a reliable reinstatement contractor to help you reinstate your office, reinstate your retail shop, warehouse, restaurant or even your residential house yet worried for budget and timeline? don’t worry we are here.

Benefits of Contracting Reinstatement Works to the Professionals

Timeline – We are specialize in reinstatement work and fully understand the tight timeline given to hand over the rented place to your landlord or management, the challenge can be the time frame given as it can only be done at night, and the hacking only with an few hours every day, hence the project schedule is the key of completing the whole project in time.

Screeding flooring reinstatement

Agreement – Most of lease agreement is required the tenant to hand over bare and empty as it is for the next tenant. However, with discussion, there are cases the landlord will keep some finishes or fixtures for future tenant however our client should know that these are subjective and not a must to comply, some management may “Demand” however we are here to talk to the MCST on behalf knowing what is right and wrong.

Whats on the contract? – Some of them may also miss out the initial contract signed on how the reinstatement condition should be handover, it may also affect the costing, for example some may want you to screed back the floor after hack, this will cost your another sum of money to do the wet works. Hence we are must communicate with the MCST and find out what and how can reduce the costing for client, as we know that the main objective for client is to handover at cheapest cost.

Logistics? – In addition, to reinstatement works and services, we also offer our clients moving services for relocating their premises to new location. We also disposal unwanted waste to authorized disposal site or management. Hence, leaving the heavy lifting of removal and restoration to the professionals as all this requires experience project coordinator.

Safey – We are Bizsafe registered company in Singapore who had capabilities to achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace.

Price? – We know that the objective is to reinstate and handover back to the owner/landlord. We are on your stand. We do have our own inhouse workers to do such works that has been with us for more than years, hence we are very resource efficient and also being able to provide a super competitive price. You do not need an Interior Designer to do your reinstatement works as they mark-up for the works, we are contractor with inhouse Interior Designer therefore we are very popular in the Reinstatement works Segment. Lastly do not believe those who had a unit price with reinstatement works, it is only an estimation for you to follow.

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Reinstatement works done at Hillion mall

Reinstatement Work requirement

The common work required in reinstatement work :

  • demolition of non-structural wall/ floor, remove and disposal of  block wall and partition that is no in original architecture plan
  • Dismantle of floor finishes such as carpet, tiles, vinyl and timber flooring
  • Removal of ceiling or making good of ceiling panel if necessarily
  • Complete removal or relocate the electrical wiring, lighting, power points to Isolator, in some cases to DB only
  • End at lease-line, relocate or remove plumbing work, sanitary work, sink taps etc.
  • Dismantle of curtain and blinds
  • Dismantle, disposal of built-in cabinets, furniture, table or chairs etc.
  • Dismantle of door, window, glazing and disposal
  • Terminate, remove or reinstate to original for ACMV works
  • Painting works to wall and ceiling, fire sprinkle pipes etc.
  • Make good of hacked wall/floor area, touch up or cement screed finish if requested
  • Reinstate to first tier fire sprinkler
  • Dismantle and remove structure like canopy, staircase, roller shutter modified work for design etc.
  • reinstate any damages to existing building: Eg.
    • Refurbish the main doors
    • Repair damaged fireproofing coating ( vermiculite spray)
    • Touch up damaged paint to window/ doors
    • replace damage glass or panel
    • Etc.
    • Any of above if neccessary

What are the factors that will affect the cost?

Currently there are no fix rate in the market
However reinstatement work is depend on the following :

  • Location
  • Size of unit
  • Height
  • Structural constraints
  • Working Hours
  • Requirement from MCST/Building Management
  • Changes between original vs bare condition
  • Replacement works, eg fire rated door

We close 90% of our client we have enquired from us, being professional and also wallet-friendly, as we share the same goal with client, using the shortest, cheapest method and handover to the management.

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