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What are the Factors for Reinstatement Cost in Singapore?

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Are you about to move out of your retail rental and are worried about the daunting task of reinstatement works?

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As one of the leading professional reinstatement contractors in Singapore, we understand the stress and expenses that come with the reinstatement process.

So in this article, we’ll inform you about the factors that affect reinstatement costs and share some helpful tips to minimize your costs while ensuring compliance with lease agreements.

What are reinstatement works?


Reinstatement is a process that restores a commercial space back to its original condition after a tenant has vacated it.

Most reinstatement clauses mention removing any built-in features, partitions, flooring, and ceiling systems, as well as restoring the walls to their original state.

The purpose of the office reinstatement service is to return the space to the landlord in the same condition it was in when the tenant first moved in.

This ensures that the landlord can quickly re-lease the space without having to make significant repairs or modifications.

Factors that Affect Reinstatement Costs

Space Size

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The total space of the whole office premises is a significant factor in the reinstatement cost.

The larger the space, the more materials and labour are needed to complete the task, especially if you need to do structural reinstatement works.

Reinstatement Scope

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The scope of work required for the reinstatement project also affects the cost. Most lease agreements should clearly stipulate your obligations.

Some landlords may only require a basic reinstatement (costing less), while others may demand a full reinstatement (costing more), which includes restoring the entire space to its original condition.

A full reinstatement may include demolition work, disposal of air conditioning systems and other office fixtures, and removing toilets.

You might also need to dismantle existing partition fixtures and repaint the walls to the same colour as when the lease began.

Space Condition

Well-maintained retail properties require less work and, therefore, cost less to reinstate.

However, if the space is in poor condition, it may require extensive work.

For example, if the existing electrical works are in poor condition, you might require handyman services to repair the damage according to your landlord’s satisfaction.


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The timeframe for completing the reinstatement work is also a crucial factor that affects the cost.

If the reinstatement has to be completed within a short period, the cost may be higher due to the need for additional labour and resources to complete the work within the deadline.

Tips to Minimize Reinstatement Costs

Plan Ahead

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Planning ahead is essential to minimize reinstatement costs.

This involves understanding the lease agreement and the landlord’s expectations regarding the condition of the space upon vacating.

Identifying potential issues that may arise during the reinstatement process and planning accordingly can help reduce costs.

Communicate with the Landlord

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Having clear communication with the landlord is always essential, but did you know it can help reduce the cost of office reinstatement services?

Discussing the scope of work required and negotiating the terms of the reinstatement with the landlord can minimize misunderstandings and reduce the chances of disputes that can increase the cost of reinstatement.

Hire a Professional Reinstatement Contractor

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Hiring a professional reinstatement contractor is crucial to minimize costs.

A reputable contractor such as Zoro Interior can complete the work efficiently and effectively, saving time and money.

Additionally, professional reinstatement services can help ensure compliance and avoid fines.

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